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About This Site

There are currently 3336 No-Weapons/Firearms-Allowed places listed on this site.

Welcome! This site is dedicated to listing the different places where a store, event space or other owner decides to place a "No Carry", "No Firearms" or "No Weapons" sign (or equivalent) on their property to deny lawful owners of firearms and other weapons from carrying while they are on their property.

Our goal is to list all the locations in the United States that prevent law-abiding citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment right. These locations are specifically and proudly stating that they do not want your business because they won't let you in while you are legally armed. Help us with locations that you know about!

In fact, some locations actually state that they are a "crime-free zone" by not allowing any weapons on their premises. The truth of the matter is that the only people that will respect their wishes are the legally-armed persons, criminals however will not abide by these rules because they are... Well... Criminals. Therefore it adds another reason why not to do business with these locations as they are stating there is literally no reason for a criminal to fear entering such places.

Your goal in carrying legally is to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you enter an establishment that disarms you of your only defenses against weapon-wielding criminals, there are no protections in place for you and your loved ones as such establishments rarely provide protection. Situational awareness dictates that you should look out for potential dangers and places that breed criminal activity. Disarming legally carrying persons defines a potential for danger and literally breeds criminal activity as criminals are the only ones that will be armed. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, insist that these establishments will not be rewarded for such behavior and actions by not patronizing them.

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